Clearing the Building Site, Continued

Mike continued the clearing project all through September with his tractor and the rented bulldozer. In addition to making room for the house, we also needed to open up space for the big workshop barn that will sit on the edge of the field, and begin to carve out the driveway. Thankfully we had a fair amount of dry weather to work with during this month, so a lot of progress was made.

Now you can see the beautiful ridge of the hill beyond the field. This will be the view from the kitchen window someday…pinch me!!!!

Down the slope to the left of this photo is where the workshop barn will be, on the edge of the field. The driveway will turn up from the field there and curve around behind the barn, heading up to the house/garage, which will be on the right side of this picture at the top of the clearing. A few more trees may come down in the middle there, but we’re taking it slow and making sure before we fell them…can’t put them back up if you make a mistake!

Mike did a nice job of cleaning up as he went, tucking the piles of brush into the woods where they won’t be in the way. He of course wants a bulldozer of his own now…there’s no denying it’s a useful tool…

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