Building the Driveway

With a week of dry weather at the beginning of October, Mike was able to scrape and ditch the driveway. This is the very first step in building a driveway and a nice one to get out of the way this fall. It would have been impossible to do in the spring when everything is wet.

The leaves are changing and it is downright gorgeous out at the land right now. Pehr and I have been making it a habit to bring lunch to Mike most days and check on the progress. I can really picture our Zone One now, and it’s very exciting.

Halfway through this project, we got a good amount of rain and were able to see the new ditches and culvert at the end of the driveway doing their thing. It all worked beautifully! Would have been a muddy, sloppy mess if Mike hadn’t done things correctly.

The driveway is the last big project of the year before we park the machines for the winter and dive into designing the house. We have had so many ideas swirling in our heads for so long…I am really looking forward to solidifying a design and drawing up plans. Then things will feel really real!


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