Summer at the Land

It has been winter for a billion years, give or take, and we’ve officially arrived at the part of the season where even the winter-enthusiasts start to let a complaint slip now and then. They’ll try to disguise it, because they wouldn’t be caught dead complaining about this most magical, endless season…

“If we would just get some more snow, so we’d have some fresh stuff to groom the ski trails with, then it’d be fine. But this crusty, dirty snow is just pointless. It might as well melt and just get on with spring. Not that I want that. I love winter. I just hate this in-between crap.”

Mike and I are admittedly anxious for winter to be over so we can get back out to the land and continue to clear and shape our future building sites. Last summer we spent a lot of afternoons out there as a family, working, walking, picnicking, and throwing the frisbee for the dogs. I miss it!

I couldn’t help myself…I started looking through photos from last summer and now I am 100% over this winter business!! Bring on long summer walks in the woods…..

The tot loves to be outdoors, so it never takes any convincing to get her to put her hat and jacket on and go exploring. She ruined a couple pairs of cute shoes climbing on the dirt piles out there.

She is a spirited little girl, and sleep doesn’t come easy for her. She has never been one to nod off in her high chair or swing or carseat. But on this particular day, whist helping Papa push piles of debris around…a nap attack in the bulldozer!

I’ve never thought of bulldozers as particularly soothing but apparently I’ve got it all wrong.

Another fun day, in late summer: I received a sweet package from the former cook at The Mountain School (a high school semester program I attended that is also a working organic farm) with delicious chocolatey treats. PJ and I went to the land to share the cookies with Papa who was out there working hard.

It felt very “full circle” to be sitting at the site of our future farm enjoying this tasty, nostalgic gift from a dear friend I met 17 years ago at another very special farm. My experience at TMS really helped to solidify for me that I wanted to live in a rural place, particularly on a farm.

A big day for PJ was when the farmer who hays our field came by with his big tractor and baler…Boy did she like that! Hours of entertainment for this tractor-loving girl.

But alas, it is very much still winter here…the dregs of winter, to be fair, but we’ve learned that winter in Northern Wisconsin likes to hang on for dear life/two or three extra months before finally giving way to real spring.

So, we practice patience. And patience is the entire name of the game when you’re building your own house and you’re not millionaires. We might as well get good at it.


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