Trillium Season

The woods are bursting with trilliums right now! We took a walk on our land earlier this week, carefully weaving between the big white blooms. We also had our eyes pealed for wild leeks (also known as ramps), which come up around the same time as the trilliums, but didn’t find any. They like low, […]

Spring is Here

Happy spring! It has been a long wait. Finally, in the last week of April, the snow melted for good. The little pond on our land is exploded with spring peepers. Their chorus followed us through the woods as we wandered this evening, looking for wild-flower blooms (none yet). A pair of Wood Ducks flew […]

Planning the Horse Barn

Even though we’re most likely several years off from being ready to build my horse barn, I can’t help but begin to plan it. There are so many things to consider when building a barn for horses, and my head is spinning with information, questions, and all the decisions that will have to be made. […]

Summer at the Land

It has been winter for a billion years, give or take, and we’ve officially arrived at the part of the season where even the winter-enthusiasts start to let a complaint slip now and then. They’ll try to disguise it, because they wouldn’t be caught dead complaining about this most magical, endless season… “If we would […]